Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Library of Zembla 

We had the great pleasure this past weekend of hearing Zemblan patriot Jeffrey Ford read from his latest novel, The Shadow Year (Wm. Morrow), at Borderland Books in San Francisco. The Girl in the Glass is one of our recent favorites, and Mr. Ford's new book is the real stuff as well, but then we knew it would be when we read the following excerpt in a review by the admirable Liz Hand:
On the TV, Hercules was lifting a giant boulder. Pop was awake now, reading a magazine. He saw I was also awake and said, "You shouldn't watch this junk," nodding toward the television. "You should read a magazine. It's educational. See?" he said, and turned the magazine in his hands so I could see the page he was on. There was no writing, just a picture of a naked woman sitting on the lap of a guy in a gorilla suit. I could feel my face flush. Nan looked over and laughed. "Put that away," she said.
How Mr. Ford, a native of New Jersey, acquired such an intimate knowledge of the customs and mores of Zembla we cannot say, but we nonetheless recommend that you order The Shadow Year by clicking on the image at right.

SIDEBAR: Our distinguished colleague James Howard Kunstler of Clusterfuck Nation has published his first novel, World Made by Hand. Readers of Mr. Kunstler's nonfiction (such as The Long Emergency) will not be surprised to learn that his novel depicts a whimsical near-future in which there is no oil to fuel the trucks that once brought groceries to our Safeways and cheap manufactured goods to our Wal-Marts. The summers are very, very hot.

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