Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pray for Barbara's Baby 

Courtesy of Zemblan patriot B.K.: We were hoping that John Cassavetes and Mia Farrow would get the chance to reprise their earlier roles, but we are reliably told that Mr. Cassavetes, alas, is unavailable:
Director Oliver Stone has set James Cromwell to play George Herbert Walker Bush and Ellen Burstyn to play former first lady Barbara Bush in "W," a drama about the formative years of their son, President George W. Bush.

Josh Brolin is playing the title character, and Elizabeth Banks will play first lady Laura Bush . . . .

Stone was calling the project "Bush" when he began showing it to buyers (Daily Variety, Jan. 21), but the filmmakers are now calling it "W." The film is expected to be ready for distribution possibly by the November presidential elections and certainly before Bush leaves the White House in January.
If all goes according to plan, beloved comedians Robin Williams and Billy Crystal will supply voices for the pivotal characters of "Frog I" and "Frog II," into whose asses the young, sociopathic W. inserts lit firecrackers before chucking the two of them skyward. Ron Silver is reportedly being sought for the part of W.'s benefactor and business partner, the late Salem bin Laden.

Sammy Sosa will play himself.

PHOTO: Barbara Bush (Ellen Burstyn) lures Magog to her bed on the night of the future president's conception, in the Oliver Stone production of W., formerly titled Bush.

UPDATE: And by the way, Mr. Stone, we're still waiting to see Ronnie & Maggie, with Meryl Streep.

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