Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Skip McCoy, R.I.P. 

No offense to fans of Tommy Udo, Harry Fabian, Dan Madigan, et al, but he'll always be Skip McCoy to us.


1.) "Are you wavin' the flag at me?

1. [tie]) CANDY: "I like you, Skip. I really like you." SKIP: "Everybody likes everybody when they're kissing."


1.) Mr. Widmark's daughter was at one time married to Sandy Koufax.

2.) He tried to enlist in the army three times during World War II, but was rejected each time owing to a perforated eardrum.

3.) He had no middle name.

HOW RICHARD WIDMARK BECAME AN ACTOR (courtesy of Zemblan patriot J.M.):
As a young man he went on a bicycle tour of Nazi Germany. He was barred from visiting Dachau, then a camp for political prisoners, but still managed to infiltrate a youth camp where he watched some “ferocious old boy yelling Nazi doctrines at these little kids”. He shot some film, returned to America and began giving illustrated lectures on the topic.

He was shy but he found that he was good at public speaking. That gave him the confidence to turn to acting at Lake Forest College, Illinois, where he had won a scholarship to read law in the early 1930s. Widmark stayed on at the college during the latter 1930s, teaching in the drama department and, though he weighed less than ten stone, playing American football.
PHOTOS: Skip's magic fingers go to work on the clasp of Candy's purse (upper left); Skip decks a lousy commie in a subway men's room (lower right).

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