Monday, March 03, 2008

Instead, He Lived to Sing "Satisfaction" at the Age of 45 

If the hitherto-untold tale of the attempted murder of Mick Jagger has a moral, it is this: Never Send a Biker to Do a Pirate's Job:
The attempt to kill Sir Mick was made by a group of Hells Angels after the infamous Altamont Speedway Free Concert in 1969, which the Rolling Stones had organised and for which the motorcycle gang reportedly provided security . . . .

According to Mark Young, a former special agent, interviewed in BBC radio series
The FBI at 100, which begins tomorrow, a boat of Hells Angels set out to take revenge on the singer at his holiday home in the Hamptons, Long Island, New York.

"The Hells Angels were so angered by Jagger's treatment of them that they decided to kill him," said Tom Mangold, who presents the series. "A group of them took a boat and were all tooled up and planned to attack him from the sea.

"They planned the attack from the sea so they could enter his property from the garden and avoid security at the front. The boat was hit by a storm and all of the men were thrown overboard. All survived and there was not said to have been any further attempt on Jagger's life."

It is understood that Sir Mick was never informed of the alleged assassination attempt.

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