Thursday, March 13, 2008

Someone Get This Thing into Orbit Before the Republicans Win Another Term 

If we wait much longer, there won't be anything worth saving:
If civilisation is wiped out on Earth, salvation may come from space. Plans are being drawn up for a “Doomsday ark” on the moon containing the essentials of life and civilisation, to be activated in the event of earth being devastated by a giant asteroid or nuclear war.

Construction of a lunar information bank, discussed at a conference in Strasbourg last month, would provide survivors on Earth with a remote-access toolkit to rebuild the human race.

A basic version of the ark would contain hard discs holding information such as DNA sequences and instructions for metal smelting or planting crops. It would be buried in a vault just under the lunar surface and transmitters would send the data to heavily protected receivers on earth. If no receivers survived, the ark would continue transmitting the information until new ones could be built.

The vault could later be extended to include natural material including microbes, animal embryos and plant seeds and even cultural relics such as surplus items from museum stores.
The good news: you can carry quite a few microbes and animal embryos in a MOMA tote bag. The bad news: President Bush has threatened to block funding for the project unless the ark contains a hood, a waterboard, a car battery, a lightstick, and the carpet beater used on James Bond's nuts in Casino Royale.

It's a legacy thing.

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