Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's the Thought That Counts 

Via Zemblan patriot J.D.: We are taking this opportunity to remind the female denizens of Zembla that the anniversary of Yr. Mst. Bnvlnt. Dspt.'s nativity is less than six months away:
Playboy tycoon Hugh Hefner had a series of naughty sweet treats for his recent 82nd birthday, including chocolate body parts and a cake presented to him by a nude Pamela Anderson . . . .

Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hef's three girlfriends, says, "I think it was the perfect surprise for him - Pam Anderson, walking out with a cake naked . . . . what can get better than that?"

Wilkinson tells
Us Weekly magazine she gave her man a white chocolate replica of her naked butt.

She adds, "I molded my ass, so I could call it 'chocolate starfish'. It was white chocolate, and I put a dark chocolate little thing right in the middle."
O Anus Mirabilis! -- or has Nathanael West already worn that gag out? At any rate, kudos to the free-thinking Ms. Wilkinson for resisting the societal pressure to bleach.

UPDATE: And kudos to us, for resisting our initial impulse to recast this item with John and Cindy McCain.

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