Saturday, August 21, 2004

Because We Have Nothing Further to Add 

The Swift Boat Vets are lying scum.
You want the proof? See Kevin Drum,
Or David Brock, or Atrios,
Or Doctor Josh, or Daily Kos.
To judge from Digby and Corrente,
Their lies would fill a horn o' plenty.
But save your pity. They were warned;
They knew they might get David Corned.

If Bush does not disown these cads,
Will voters get to see the ads
Where Guardsmen from that 'Bama unit
Inspect his record, and impugn it?
Will Ivy Leaguers tell the tale
Of how he sold them coke at Yale?
And will "Abortion Docs for Truth"
Camp out beside the voting booth?

Dear Mr. Bush, we think you ought
To learn the lesson you have taught:
An asshole with an affidavit
Is trouble any way you shave it.



UPDATE III (via Shaula Evans in comments): McCain!

UPDATE IV: Digby again!

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